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Promotheus is a content website that brings visitors the latest catalogues and discounts from leading retailers. Our main goal is to make it easier for you to browse through promotional offers, all conveniently found in one place. Promotheus regularly and promptly provides a wide selection of hundreds of current catalogues from the most significant retailers in the country, from large chains to smaller specialized stores. You can compare all available deals and discounts, as well as search for specific products, goods, and brands that interest you. We enable you to be better-informed consumers who can efficiently choose the most advantageous offer and save both money and time.

To ensure that no promotion or discount goes unnoticed and that you always have up-to-date offers at your fingertips, download our Promotheus application on your mobile phone or tablet, available for Android and iOS. For more information about it, please visit here.


About the Authors

Opportunus was established in 2012 in the Czech Republic. Its first product was the Kompas Slev website, followed by the launch of additional websites. Today, the company operates in the digital market in over 60 countries across six continents and manages nearly two hundred websites and applications. Nearly a hundred employees focus on acquiring and providing information about stores, catalogues, and discount promotions to end customers, including branch information, addresses, opening hours, or individual product prices. Our websites and application primarily serve end customers in their shopping decisions, saving them time and money. Additionally, our rich database of stores, products, and discount promotions is also utilized by B2B partners, such as major media houses. Data from our database serves as content for their readers, who, like our websites, facilitate their purchases. One of the B2B innovations in our offerings is ecPaper, a tool for creating interactive catalogues. It is primarily designed for business and manufacturing companies that want to effectively and interactively offer their products online. For more information about Opportunus, please visit the website at opportunus.cz.



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